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How do I download SweetPCFix?

Simply click the Download button at the top right of any page on the SweetPCFix website and follow the instructions.

How do I purchase SweetPCFix?

On the Purchase page of the SweetPCFix website, click the Instant Activation button and you will be guided through the brief and simple purchase procedure.

How soon following purchase will I be able to use SweetPCFix?

SweetPCFix is instantly activated once purchased.

Will I see an immediate improvement in my computer’s performance after downloading and scanning my registry with SweetPCFix?

If your computer’s problems stem from one of the most common causes of reduced system performance, degradation of the Windows Registry, yes.

What do I receive when i purchase SweetPCFix?

Other than a fully functional download of the most comprehensive registry management software, you also receive free support from our Support Team and other special offers.

Do your offer discounts for the purchase of multiple licenses?

Yes, we offer volume discounts. Please contact support@sweetpcfix.com for further details.

What is your returns policy?

SweetPacks provides a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.

What is your software upgrade policy?

In our effort to continually improve our product, we will periodically release minor and major software upgrades. A minor upgrade includes software bug fixes and small product enhancements. A major upgrade includes significant software functionality changes. Minor upgrades are free. Major upgrades incur a small upgrade fee. If a major upgrade is released within a month of purchase, you will receive the upgrade free.

What about technical support?

Most common queries are answered on the FAQs page. Additional queries can be addressed by filling in the Support Request form on the Support page. We have a dedicated Support Team working to handle your queries.


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